Saturday, August 14, 2021

Wild Feeds and Backhauls information

Wild Feeds and Backhauls

Ever wonder whats on those satellites that you don't know about?

There is a whole group of folks scanning the skys and reporting their findings in the same place. They don't do it for money for fame... they do it for the love of 'Free to Air Satellite Channels' and whatever their passion is. Some are looking for that big game of football or baseball or soccer, others are racing fans. All with the same goal in mind, watching that event live from their satellite feed. Not only do they watch the event but they tune in to interesting things not shown on the public feed.

There are all kinds of shows and events on satellite that we normally would not know about. If you have a interest in this join the hobbyists that know how to scan the skys for the shows and events.

Like to get involved? Need equipment? Support the forum by buying your equipment from the forum owner.

Disclaimer: No form of payment received for this article.

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