Monday, July 1, 2019

FREE Satellite / Transponder List for July

Free Satellite / Transponder List

If you find this list of use please donate if possible.

Thanks to generous donations our world wide list continues.
Thanks to all who have donated.

Feel free to download our Satellite / Transponder list.

This is a reference list (not to be loaded into any meter), download to your PC, laptop, smartphone, etc and carry this reference list with you.

Sat / TP List Details
Vertical Polarity:3032
Horizontal Polarity:3111
RH Polarity:513
LH Polarity:534

This list contains:
  • C-band
  • Ku-band
  • Ka-band - as a reminder, most meters, receivers, and LNBs in use will not do Ka band.
  • Active and inactive transponders

We are providing the list in two locations.

If you find this list of use please donate if possible.

Download the LIST from BOX
Download the LIST from MEGA
You really only need 2 transponders per satellite. 1 vertical and 1 horizontal will allow you to get a perfect alignment of your dish and LNBF.

If you find this list of use please donate if possible.

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