Sunday, May 19, 2019

Windows 10 causing problems loading meter upgrades...

Having problems loading your meter? Are you using Windows 10? Read this.

This is not a problem with the meter.
Windows 10 can corrupt or abort files without warning.
This has become a problem for loading files to meters, USB drives and other devices.
Overcome this problem by using any other Windows OS.
Note: Some users have reported success with Windows 10 by using it in the SAFE mode.

Need more information?
Search Windows 10 USB Problems

Friday, May 10, 2019

Credit Card Processing

For the past few years we have been processing credit cards through Paypal.

Why Paypal?

In todays world of hacked and stolen information, we choose not to keep your credit card information. Paypal is secure, easy and provides less exposure. If we don't have your information, it can't be stolen from us.
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Ongoing Attack Stealing Credit Cards From Over A Hundred Shopping Sites

FREE cloud storage

FREE Cloud Storage for Linux There is lots of FREE cloud storage available. I write this mainly for Linux users however most cloud...