Tuesday, March 19, 2019

8dtek Meters downloads available

Several people have ask me for 8dtek meters downloads or specifications. Although the meters are no longer available, and the 8dtek Meters website has been discontinued, we now give you a alternative.

8dtek Meters information and downloads can be found at 8dtekmeters.dmsiusa.com.

You will find all the information that was on the 8dtek website including product information, manuals, software, and more. All of this is free, without restriction, for you to download and use.

Software Notice

All software is offered "as is" and without guarantee. This software is for experienced users only. If you don't have the ability to load this software or if you feel unsure of your abilities, DO NOT use this software. DMS International is in no way responsible for the use or mis-use of this software. Any repairs required because of your use or mis-use of this software will be charged at normal bench repair rates and normal replacement parts cost. By using this software you are agreeing to these terms.


These files may NOT be freely distributed and may NOT modified in any way. This comment must remained attached to the files.

Friday, March 1, 2019

FREE March Satellite / Transponder List is here!

Thanks to generous donations our world wide list continues. Thanks to all who have donated.

Feel free to download our Satellite / Transponder list.
This is a reference list (not to be loaded into any meter), download to your PC, laptop, smartphone, etc and carry this reference list with you. 

Sat / TP List Details
Vertical Polarity:3017
Horizontal Polarity:3118
RH Polarity:530
LH Polarity:531
Size:320.3 kB

We are providing the list in two locations.

Download the LIST from BOX
Download the LIST from MEGA

This list is possible through your donations and by ad promotion.
Help keep this list available.


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