Thursday, March 11, 2021

Test your internet speed...

 We are on AT&T fiber. It's suppose to be fast, right? 

For some time our computers have been slow. Now I know that Windows will trash up your computer making it slow, but we use Linux which doesn't add garbage to the computer and the computer itself is alway as fast as the day we first turned it on.

So, resetting the gateway and all connected devices did nothing. Our internet continued to crawl. Download speeds of around 24 Mbps.

AT&T is able to check the fiber line and told me it is in good working order. They are also able to reset the modem, which they did but with no effect. The internet remained at a crawl.

They would like me to believe it is my equipment. Finally, after telling them if they could fix their service I would be forced to change providers.

Suddenly they found that my modem was more than 4 years old.... that matters because they are unable to update the software in the older modems. The old software causes slow speeds. 

To keep us from switching providers they are sending a new modem over night. It is scheduled to arrive today... so we will know if the modem is the problem.

If you have a simular problem don't just blame it on slow computers. Check your internet speed regularly.

All the major providers have their own speed checks and there are third party speed checks.

Find the speed tests here and use them on a regular basis.

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