Monday, March 22, 2021

How much information does Google have on you?


Using Google's Search engine?

See the information Google collects!

As you search on Google's search engine, Google collects information on what you search for and assumes this is your interests making it easy for them to target ads for you.

Want to know what Google knows about you?

It's not as hard as you might think.

  • Sign in to your personal Google account.
  • Go to Google's home page.
  • Search the phrase "Google ad settings".
  • The first 'non-ad' result that show up is "Ads Settings - Google". Click on that one.
  • This brings you to your "Ad personalization" page where you will see a long list of the stuff Google has collected on you.

Want to stop Google from collecting information on you?

When you open your "Ad personalization" page you will see this image:

Google Ads

Toward the bottom of this window you will see "Ad personalization is ON". You would think turning this off would stop Google from gathering information, BUT this window opens telling you what happens when you turn this setting off:

There is another setting towards the bottom of the "Ad personalization" page, "Advanced" with a down arrow. Clicking it gives yet another option:

Unchecking this shows this pop-up:

Basically Google is telling you there is no way to stop the ads.

Back to your "Ad personalization" page, just before the information they have collected you will see "Learn how to control the ads you see" which is yet another way to controlling ads.

Conclusion: Google is going to serve ads to you.

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