Saturday, February 13, 2021

FREE Satellite List without signing in

For several years now we have produced and posted our free satellite / transponder list for anyone to download. After being up for a long time, the spammers found it and soon overloaded the server we were using. This caused us to move to another server, not a easy task. It wasn't long before the spammers followed us causing the same problem for us.

To avoid the spammers we agreed to put the free list on Ivy Stone Place which required users to login providing a layer of security and hopefully keeping the spammers out. The list remains free.

Now we are once again allowing interested users to download the free list without the need to sign in. IF the spammers don't ruin this we will continue to provide this "no sign-in" download of the list.

Want to download our FREE satellite list without signing in?

Find the download links here. Feel free to download our list without signing in.

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