Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New information added to our First Strike website

From time to time we get requests for information that is hard to acquire.  We do our best to help the owners of our meters by providing as much information as possible.  Today I have posted some information that has been requested.

This information includes:

  • list of Afghanistan satellites
  • installers training document for Shaw Directs new XKU LNBFs
  • complete list of UHF/VHF television frequencies.  
  • and more...
You can find the information here.  Registered meter owners can request access here.

Just another way we thank the meters owners for buying and using our meters.

If you have information that would be beneficial to your fellow meters owners, send it to us and we will post it and give you credit for providing the information.  

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Traxis DBS6000HD digital HD receiver
11/20/12 - Version 1.159 operating software is released.

This release addresses several DiSEqC motor issues.  If you use a DiSEqC motor and are experiencing problems, update the operating software to version 1.159.  Note that not all DiSEqC motors have a problem with version 1.158.

This upgrade is available free of charge and installs using a USB drive.  Instructions are included with the download.

Find it on our 'Software page' or click the link below.
Software updates:
  • Version 1.159 - 11/20/12 (Current)
    • Fixes all known DiSEqC motor issues
    • Loaded to all receivers sold on or after 11/20/12

This update is brought to you by DMS International and Traxis International.