Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Sathero meters released

DMS International
New Meters fill our Sathero line
Here is some exciting news!!! We are releasing 2 new meters in our Sathero line. The SH-500G for users that want features like a large 7 inch color screen and GPS positioning..... and the SH-100HD for users who want a low cost meter that can deliver performance.
Of course we will still have the SH-200 meter for you guys who want the performance without the high price.
SH-500G with GPSSH-500G marks a new era of meters. Sporting a huge seven inch full color screen, Fast Sweep technology and GPS, this meter makes satellite finding and dish aligning a snap.
Global Positioning System automatically enters your Longitude and Latitude.
SH-100HD DVB-S2 meterSH-100 is a cost effective meter featuring our Fast Sweep Technology which is normally found only in our more expensive meters. If you are looking for a professional meter at a very minimal price, take a look at this meter.
Latest Software is loaded before shipping
As you see, we are releasing software from time to time.  Several times I have been ask if a product has the latest software.  We do load the latest software in any device just before it ships.
Thank You!!!
Thank you for reading our news letter and a big THANK YOU to those who have purchased our products.  Your gracious support enables us to grow and develop more great products.  I want you to know, your support is deeply appreciated.
August 29, 2012
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August Satellite / Transponder list released

August Satellite / Transponder list released

DMS International provides a world wide satellite / transponder list as a added value to our registered meter owners.

These lists include all the known satellites and transponders around the world.  I provide 2 of these lists to registered owners of First Strike Meters and Sathero Meters.  Each list is formatted for the specific meter you have.  I provide this service free of charge to registered owners of our meters.  You simply need to provide your registered meter information and request the list.  These lists are extensive which makes them long.  Usually they are about 140 pages and come as a PDF file.
Use the links below to download or request our lists.

Download First Strike Meters List ~ Download Sathero Meters List

Request First Strike Meters List ~ Request Sathero Meters List

Register your First Strike Meter here ~ Register your Sathero Meter here

We fully support meters that came from us however we are not able to support meters that did not come from us.

You can also Join our email lists here.  We don't send to the email list very often so we won't flood your emails in box.  It is mostly for big announcements, software changes, etc.  If you own any of our meters you should sign up for the appropriate email list.
If you want to keep up with the day to day stuff, see our blogs.

First Strike Meters Blog ~ Sathero Meters Blog

Trimax Meters Blog ~ DMS International Blog

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