Friday, October 21, 2011

Sathero Meters are back in stock. Place your orders now.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sathero SH-200 Master Satellite / Transponder List Updated

Today I have updated our Sathero SH-200 master list.  For you guys who want to make your own custom lists, you can start with our master list and simply delete the information you don't want.  Makes it very easy to build custom lists.  Instructions are included.

To give you an idea of how extensive our list is, it contains 6,822 lines of information.  Many have told us that our Satellite / Transponder list is the most accurate one available.  It's what we base our Sathero SH-200 master list on.

This information (and much more) is available ONLY to registered owners of our meters.  If you are a registered owner of our meters you can request this list free of charge.

Get the most out of your meter by making your own custom lists.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lately I've been heavily involved in meter development. I haven't had much time but updates have been posted to my blogs.

Friday, October 7, 2011

DSS922 for 119 and 118.8 at the same time

DSS922 is back in stock.  Back orders are being filled today.  Place your orders now if you have been waiting on this LNBF.

High gain DSS LNBF with excellent performance and low power consumption.  Rectangular fitting allows mounting to most DSS dishes.  40mm throat allows easy mounting to other dishes with LNBF throat clamp.  Designed to receive 119 & 118.8 at the same time.  Dual output allows you to use 2 receivers at the same time and receive all the channels from both 119 and 118.8 at the same time.

See the specs here  See a picture here

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cdtronix makes a custom Sathero Europe list

More great news.  Cdtronix has made a custom satellite / transponder list.  Registered users of Sathero meters coming from us can request this file from us or from  Cdtronix is our distributor for the United Kingdom.

Contact Cdtronixs
Contact Sathero Meters

Master List lets you easily make your own custom list

We have produced a MASTER Satellite / Transponder list for Sathero SH-200 meters.  This list contains all known satellites and transponders world wide.  6,822 lines of information.

Register owners of Sathero SH-200 purchased from us can request this list.  So what do you do with it?  You modify it taking out the satellites you don't want and the transponders you don't need, making your own custom list for your meter.  It's a lot faster and easier than typing in all the information by hand..... which is what we did for you.

Want to give it a try?  Request the "" from us.  

Monday, October 3, 2011

Dealer Newsletter

I just sent out our latest dealer news letter.  Dealers will be receiving very low priced offers on several products like low cost systems, BSC621-2D (now with 2x1 DiSEqC switch and 2 jumpers free of charge), long range bluetooth dongles, 4 DSS LNBF brackets, RS232 programming cables and more.

Check with your DMS International reseller for more specials.