Monday, April 25, 2011

Why buy from DMS International

Why buy from DMS International

Are you buying from a wholesaler who also sells retail? Are you buying from a wholesaler who also sells on ebay? Why? Do you like competing with your supplier? Does your supplier 'guarantee to beat any ones price'? Including yours!
Look around, what wholesaler can you buy from that does not compete with you? Only DMS International. Our public web site does not display prices and we do not sell to the public, we do not sell on EBAY. WE SELL WHOLESALE ONLY! WE DO NOT COMPETE WITH YOU!

There is no need to warehouse all our products, we do drop shipping for you. DMS International pioneered drop shipping in the satellite industry and has the fastest and best possible drop ship program available. You receive a invoice and tracking information on all drop ships. Since we don't sell retail, you don't need to worry about us trying to sell to your customers. Several others have tried and failed to duplicate our drop ship program.

Order 24/7 by email or fax (770-529-6840).
Order via our Toll Free number during business hours.
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Our latest news letter goes out.

Well, since the last news letter we've sold a ton of FS1 meters and it didn't take long to sell out of the SM-2500 meters.  I thought it would take much longer.  So, thanks to everyone who placed a order with us.  That is what keeps us going strong!!!

K to L Series Upgrade
We have had a surprising number of K to L FS1 upgrades.  A few people have ask me if we plan to upgrade the FS1 again.  The short answer is NO, we do not have any new hardware upgrades in the works for the FS1.  There may be software upgrades but those will be free of charge and posted to our website.

FS2 meter announced
I also announced the FS2 meter recently.  Soon we will do the final approvals and soon you will be able to buy this meter.  I am really excited about this one.  The engineers have made a completely new platform.  You will be seeing a lot more of this new platform in coming meters.  We will have at least 2 models of the FS2, the FS2-DVBS and the FS2-DVBS2.  Watch our website for details.

Support Ticket System
Last week we adopted a new system that allows you to submit a support ticket online.  You can then go back and check on the progress of your ticket at any time.  With our quickly increasing sales I felt we needed more customer support. 

Live Chat
Along with the Support Ticket System I have started a Live Chat service.  When you see this logo you can click on it to chat with us or leave a message when we are not available to chat.

Changes to our Specials!!!
Dealers and Resellers, Check out the specials.  We have got some special prices for you! 

We accept your orders 24/7 by email or fax: 770-529-6840.
Live Chat installed at to help answer your questions.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dealers, SM-2500 is on sale at the lowest price we've ever offered.
Dealers, check our dealer site to see how you can get FREE FS1 satellite meters.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

FS1 owners, yesterday I released the satellite/transponder list for April. Request it now.