Friday, December 30, 2011

Dish Reflectors

Now you can get replacement reflectors for your Winegard DS-2076, DS-2077 and DS-2078 dishes.

Normally only the reflector gets damaged, so why buy a whole new dish?  Now you can get the reflector only and easily replace it.  Many times you don't even need to realign the dish.  These are direct replacements from Winegard the manufacture.

Check with your favorite DMS International reseller.
The Avenger PLL321S-2 LNBF is a huge success!
300KHz stability for about the same cost!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

High Definition and Stability

Avenger PLL321S-2
High Definition channels pack a whole lot more information in the same space.  Receiving it from satellite requires much higher stability from your LNBF.  MPEG4 complicates things even more.  Missing channels, tiling, blocking and drop out are most likely caused by your LNBF.  So, how do you fix this problem without spending $300 or more?

DMS International has come to your rescue.  Swap out that old LNBF for our Avenger PLL321S-2 LNBF that gives you at least 5 times better stability and in some cases well over 10 times improved stability.  Our high stability PLL LNBF will give you rock solid performance even on those low cost receivers.  You will  be pleasantly surprised at the cost.

There is no reason to suffer with low quality and poor stability.  Now you can enjoy all the benefits of high stability for about the same price you are paying for the common LNBFs.  Performance is the name of the game and our PLL LNBF will out perform LNBFs costing 10 times more.  Bring your MPEG4 receiver to it's full potential by using our high stability PLL LNBF.

Available now at your favorite DMS International reseller.  

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Avenger PLL321S-2 Released

On December 6th we released our latest product the Avenger PLL321S-2, our new PLL LNBF with 300KHz  or better stability.  The good DRO LNBFs made today are 1.5MHz (1500KHz) stability making our new PLL LNBF at least 5 times more stable.  Lots of low end DRO LNBFs are 3MHz (3000KHz) or worse stability.

While high stability LNBs aren't exactly new, what stands out here is two things, 1) we made it in a LNBF, and 2) the price is comparable to DRO LNBFs currently on the market.  This means, for about the same price you can have a high stability LNBF on your system.

So why is stability so important?  The higher the compression, the more critical stability becomes.  This became very evident when MPEG4 channels started to appear.  Now we have MPEG4 HD channels that really pack a lot of information in a very small space.  You need higher stability LNBFs to insure that you can receive all the channels.  If you are missing some channels now, it may not be your receiver, instead take a look at your LNBF.  Swapping it out for our new PLL LNBF most likely will overcome this problem.  Better stability will also improve weak signal and rain fade problems.  You will find channels that were too weak for your system before, and when your system is effected by adverse weather conditions, you will find your signal will not deteriorate as fast as it did with your old LNBF.

The new Avenger PLL321S-2 is a must for feed hunters and hobbyists alike.  The price makes it very acceptable for any installation and today's high compression digital world demands high stability.

The new Avenger PLL321S-2 is in stock and ready to ship.
Check with your favorite DMS International reseller.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

December Satellite / Transponder List Released

Just finished the Satellite / Transponder lists for First Strike Meters and Sathero Meters.  Registered owners of our First Strike Meters and Sathero Meters can request a updated list FREE of charge.

Request our First Strike Meter List

Request our Sathero Meter List

When requesting your FREE list make sure to give us your meters serial number.

Happy Metering!!!