Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Avenger PLL322S-2 Twin Ku PLL LNBF

Avenger PLL322S-2 Ku PLL LNBFThis LNBF is a MUST HAVE for HD receivers and MPEG4 receivers.  If you are upgrading to MPEG4 it only makes sense to upgrade your LNBF to PLL.

What makes our LNBF better?  Better engineering and close attention to details.  Like how other twin LNBFs cause the second receiver to flicker or freeze momentarily when changing channels.  Like what causes the LNBF to fail.

Twin LNBFs that share only one voltage regulator have a much higher failure rate due to the constant load and over load on that voltage regulator.  The Avenger PLL322S-2 uses two voltage regulators, one for each output.  This design avoids voltage and current swings and other problems seen in other twin LNBFs.

Twin LNBFs that share the same oscillator create stability problems which in turn cause freeze framing, tiling, and other problems.  The biggest cause of missing channels during a blind scan is stability problems.  The Avenger PLL322S-2 uses two oscillators to maintain rock solid stability.

The long neck of the LNBF allows you to find that "signal sweet spot" even on poorly designed dishes.

This method is not the cheapest way to make LNBFs.... but it is the smartest way to make LNBFs.

If you have spent your hard earned money on a good receiver why would you buy the cheapest LNBF you can find?  Your LNBF is the first point of active signal acquisition and the last place you want to skimp on technology.

Two voltage regulators and two oscillators make the Avenger PLL322S-2 the obvious choice.  Why short change your satellite system when you can own the Avenger PLL322S-2?  Get all you can get out of your receiver by delivering quality signal to it.  If you are missing channels it may not be your receiver, it could very well be your LNBF.  There is one way to find out!!!

Available at your favorite DMS International dealer.

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