Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Satellite / Transponder Lists on the go!!!

Have you ever been out on a install and needed to know the parameters of a transponder? 

I guess that's happened to just about every FTA installer at one time or another.  If you are a registered owner of our First Strike or Sathero meters, you can request a current satellite/transponder list.  However the list is extensive and usually has about 139 pages.  So what do you do?  Print it out?  Take it with you up on a roof in the wind with a meter in one hand and the list in the other hand.  
Even less convenient is to carry your laptop with you.  Now you just need to contend with boot up time, battery charges, and protecting your laptop in your service truck.  What else can you do?
DMS InternationalFirst Strike Meters, and Sathero Meters come to your rescue.  Now you can pull up the information on your smart phone!!!  For now we are offering this service FREE of charge.  Just scan this QR code with your smart phone and bookmark the page so you can return to it later.
Satellite/Transponder Lists
At this time we are showing only satellites from 61.5W to 177.0W.  
The only thing we ask in return is that you think about DMS International and our famous meters the next time you need satellite equipment.  What other company brings you this level of service?