Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sathero SH-200 Master Satellite / Transponder List Updated

Today I have updated our Sathero SH-200 master list.  For you guys who want to make your own custom lists, you can start with our master list and simply delete the information you don't want.  Makes it very easy to build custom lists.  Instructions are included.

To give you an idea of how extensive our list is, it contains 6,822 lines of information.  Many have told us that our Satellite / Transponder list is the most accurate one available.  It's what we base our Sathero SH-200 master list on.

This information (and much more) is available ONLY to registered owners of our meters.  If you are a registered owner of our meters you can request this list free of charge.

Get the most out of your meter by making your own custom lists.