Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August Satellite/Transponder list now available

Yesterday we released the August Satellite/Transponder list.  If you are a registered owner of a First Strike meter or a Sathero meter you can request our latest list.
 We spend a great deal of time and effort at a considerable expense to bring you the most up to date list available and we format it so you can easily understand how the information should be entered into your First Strike meter or your Sathero meter.  The list is extensive covering satellites worldwide.  It is over 100 pages.  Some say it is the best list available.

This is a FREE service provided ONLY to registered owners of our meters.

We have a huge shipment of Sathero meters arriving today or tomorrow.  If you are a dealer or reseller of our meters this will be your last chance to buy at our "Pre-order Special".

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